My dream about the gathering of Israel

By Lucy Lawer, St Austell branch

Phillip Lawer
Phillip Lawer

My son Phillip recently returned from serving a mission in Cape Town, South Africa. But before he was due home, I had a dream about his homecoming, like a revelation, that helped me better understand the wonderful ways of the Lord.

I dreamt that we had gone to pick up my son at Heathrow airport. He hadn't slept all the way home, so when we saw him, he was so tired that his eyes were bloodshot, and he was so cold.  We bought a big quilt and pillows and snuggled him up in the back of the car. He soon fell fast asleep with his head on a pillow against a window. 

In my dream, we drove to the London temple where we had booked to stay a couple of nights so that we could attend together before setting off home to Cornwall. As we parked, my son was still sound asleep in the back of the car, so we unloaded the car and started taking our things into the accommodation centre. But as I stood at the driver’s door, a lady dressed in a white temple dress approached the car and going straight up to the window where she could see my son sleeping, she gasped and said, 'It's Elder Lawer!'  She then started beckoning to others approaching from the temple to come and see. She kept saying excitedly, 'It’s Elder Lawer!' 

More and more people were coming over to see Elder Lawer.  They seemed delighted to see him. They were all dressed in white temple dresses, but I noticed that they had hairstyles from different eras. As I studied them, I could suddenly ‘see’ that they were from the other side of the veil.  Because Elder Lawer had taught people the gospel of Jesus Christ on this side of the veil, it had also benefited them! They had their temple ordinance work carried out by those who Elder Lawer had taught, and so for them, Elder Lawer was their missionary too. 

This dream touched me so much that I haven't been able to stop thinking about it; the joy these people had because Elder Lawer had served on the Lord’s mission. The ways of the Lord are marvellous indeed.