- Welfare and Self-Reliance -

Through the self-reliance program, Jessyka learns how to provide for herself and now helps others to become self-reliant.
It was a constant struggle for Maria da Paz and Bernardino to raise their five children on São Miguel Island in the lovely Azores. See how the self-reliance initiative helped them increase their family’s spirituality.
Elder Clifford T. Herbertson helps us appreciate the need for Self-Reliance principles to be practiced locally amongst Leaders and Congregations alike. 
Through the self-reliance program, Fredson learns how to manage time wisely and find a job.
Andres demonstrates how he and his wife were blessed spiritually, as well as temporally, as he participated in the Self-reliance initiative.
Cristina shares with us the things she does each and everyday to develop habits of self-reliance. 
The “Starting and Growing my business Course” enables Marsida to successfully run her online business.
See how Segundo is able to find work and bless the lives of others through his participation in and instruction of the My Job Search course.
Although Jaime has been richly blessed as a member of the Church, he has also endured many trials in his life. During a time of excessive debt with their travel agency he and his wife realized they needed help to make their business profitable again.
See how the principles of Self-reliance help Fredson to continually weather the storms of life.
LDS Charities works with Mala Sirena a small Bosnian community school for children with learning difficulties.
The self-reliance program helped Paulo to build up his carpentry business.