Local News Articles

    The story of Charles and Moroni England who were living together in Heigham, Norfolk
    Members of Paignton Ward don their Helping Hands T-shirts and make their way to the local park.
    Mary is a researcher of UK Church History
    270 young single adults put together over 70 care packages and 4000 bags of spices for refugee camps overseas
    An update on the 11 Days in 11 Ways campaign
    Members from the UK and Ireland share a specific real-life challenge or dilemma they had
    Norwich Stake Relief Society sisters met to join together in efforts to provide for women in need.
    I went home to Botswana to share the gospel to my family. Over 150 people turned up.
    During the summer members spent the day at the temple working and sharing the blessings they had received by their worship
    LDS scholars met together at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University
    Institute students from Manchester were invited to London for a special institute at the Parliament
    This November the Church in the UK is doing something very special that members are being invited to take part in