Local News Articles

    Church members attended a fireside at Hindley’s Prison with presentations from humble prisoners
    An interactive artwork on display at the TATE Modern museum in London was put up by Church members Matthew Hunt and Stefan Rossbach.
    My family history has always been one of great mystery.
    Accepted the gospel in Ireland and interpreted for the prophet's wife in China.
    This was an opportunity for the Chinese community to know more about our church and introduce the Chinese culture to our local members
    Self-Reliance Missionaries have been bringing members together each week from across the UK to take part in a 12 week Starting and Growing My Business Course
    Church Building Missionaries who served in the 1960s made history when they gathered together at a reunion
    Players were of a range of golfing ability, age and gender came together for the inaugural ‘War of the Roses Golf Competition’
    This is my story of how social media was part of introducing the gospel into my life
    We look back at how the 21 Day Book of Mormon Challenge went.
    At the beginning of the year it’s a good time to think about starting to write a journal.
    A lost history was found, a stone was returned and the church has a prominent position in a Stirling Museum.