Church History Pioneering Members

In 1931 James & Elizabeth Wallis arrived in Britain to strengthen the Church and fulfil a unique mission
I was curious to know what local libraries might hold relating to the Church.
The story of George Budd (1846-1924)
In 1853 Robert was called to be the president of the Newcastle branch
Stone mason, Welshman, first conductor of the Tabernacle Choir
The death of Alfred (Fred) Horlacher on 17 March 1943 shocked many. The young Latter-day Saint was a successful sportsman with a bright future ahead of him.
Throughout her life, Catherine Horner presented herself and acted as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ
The baptism of Edalinda Longbone would prove to have a lasting impact on her own and many others’ lives.
WWII veteran, footballer, playwriter/producer, businessman and first Stake President in Sunderland
Being no stranger to hardships and horrors, Albert Short was one of many individuals to have experienced the best and the worst that this world had to offer.
Acel Nebeker was on his way home from his mission when he found himself boarding a lifeboat with just minutes before the ship he was on sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
John was a shoemaker from Leith who was among the first listening to Orson Pratt in 1840