Shared friendship and poppy-provisioning experience

by Chris Woodward

Leighton & Donna Bascom, and Jenny & Chris Woodward at their post

For five years couples Donna and Leighton Bascom, and Jenny and Chris Woodward, long-time friends and members of the Tunbridge Wells Ward in Kent, have manned a poppy-provisioning point located on a motorway service station during the build-up to the annual Remembrance Day. Donna’s dog-walking routines, Jenny’s keep-fit classes, Leighton’s work schedules, and Chris’ mayoral responsibilities, as well as their Stake and Ward responsibilities are set aside to help, in a small way, the Royal British Legion (which this year celebrated its 100th anniversary) to raise the funds required to support needy ex-service men and women. The programme of support by the Ward for RBL is organised by another Ward member, Sister Lyn Yull.

Typically, the two brothers and the two sisters pair off to cover separate sessions over four days. Besides offering somewhat tongue-in-cheek guidance to prospective donors, it is also time for the brothers to catch up with each other, as well as for the sisters to chin wag. (Both couples may often be found hopping off together for a long weekend or two, even as far as Malta!) Now the children are living their own adult lives, it’s great to have maturing trusted friends to join up and help other causes.