New Ensign Article Submission Website

by Chelsea Craven

New website

We are introducing a new way to submit stories to be published in the United Kingdom and Ireland Local Pages of the 'Ensign'. This will make sharing your stories more fun and simple.

The website was created by Jason Watling after requests to make the process of submitting stories easier. On the homepage towards the bottom where all the required forms to download and upload with your submission. This keeps everything in one place and with one click all attachments are sent to the editing team all in one go.

These local pages are for your stories to be shared with your own voice to tell them. Please use this tool to uplift each of our brothers and sisters in our faith within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Check out our 'how to' video above to help you navigate through the website. The URL for the website is

If you have questions contact us through our Facebook LDS UK page or email

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