Man in the Street

    by Andrew Norris

    Man in the Street

    I’m currently not active in Church but love what it has done for me and continues to do for my wife and children.  I was a convert; I loved every minute of my ten years of activity.  I stopped attending due to my weakness in keeping the Word of Wisdom.

    I have never said a bad word about the Church.  I want my children to continue living the Church’s teachings.  My wife and family, being very faithful, live them to the best of their abilities.

    My time in the Church taught me much.  I wanted to be a good example and show that religion is not weird or restrictive, nor removed from everyday life, but rather a path that I had walked.

    Although now inactive I’ve never desired to try to prove that the Church is wrong or to mock it; instead, I see myself as a missionary for the Church in a very different way.   I try to speak of my experiences in the Church in a positive manner, never denying my feelings for God and Jesus Christ.  I have had far more conversations, regarding my beliefs, with friends since I left the Church that I ever did whilst living it.

    I am a normal man, husband and father, brother, and son; I never expected the messages I received from my Heavenly Father that what I am going through was part of my plan here on earth.  I’ve had terrible times when I knew the adversary was present.  I have recorded my experiences and the answers to every question that I have had along the way. 

    I am certainly not ready to jump back into activity.  I am just thankful for the words I hear, and the knowledge I have been blessed with, during my most difficult times.   I know God and Jesus Christ are real and they have blessed me in times when I never would have expected.

    Below are the words with which I woke up one night.

    Man in the Street

    The man in the street looked me straight in my eyes; He cried

    A step forward he makes never dropping his gaze; He stumbled

    The passers-by sooner laughed than lend a hand; They failed

    I watched as he came closer and stood there before me; I trembled

    He gently put his right arm on my left shoulder; I cried

    He said, “Brother, as hyenas laugh at misfortune, the lion waits patiently”; I listened

    We walked side by side to the top of the hill; No judgment

    The morning dew sparkled in the sunshine as he lay down his gown; We rested

    For a moment it felt as if I was in heaven; So peaceful

    There was nothing that could hurt me or make me feel sad; Felt fearless

    As the sun starts to set, he looks again in my eyes; He smiled

    What you’ve left behind is the key to move forward; He teaches

    Clean up the path that you’ve trodden so long; Show sorrow

    Mend all the hearts that you’ve started to tear; Be humble

    This man grabbed my right hand and promised, I’ll be alright; Be faithful

    You are being tested to the highest degree to reach the lowest of lows; Be learned

    Remember the phoenix did rise from the flames; Be patient

    The light will shine brighter than the flames of a fire; Be ready

    Joy be bestowed upon those who do listen; Speak freely

    Knowledge be given that’s offered to few; Use wisely

    Live your best life and that’s all you need; Be happy