Institute helped me feel the Spirit

by Shu Ting-Wei


Can you remember the feelings when someone sincerely shares their thoughts and experiences in Institute?  Have you been touched by such stories? 

I wasn’t yet baptised, and I wanted to know whether the Holy Ghost existed. 

Institute was taking place at a member’s home, and everyone was sitting together and sharing their stories about Heavenly Father.  I felt warm, and part of a big sweet family.

I cannot forget how my heart was touched by an Institute teacher’s story.  Although my English was not good enough to understand all the details, my feelings were very strong.  Afterwards, I went up to him and said, “I don’t know why but I feel as though there is a flame in my heart.”  I was crying but smiling while talking to him.  He said, “This is how you can feel the Holy Ghost.”  I felt warmth, love and safety.  

I was usually rational, so it was hard for me to believe in something that I couldn’t see. But studying in Institute has been a good way for me to strengthen my faith. Alma 32 compares faith unto a seed. It must be planted and nourished. The more I learn, the more I believe in Heavenly Father. 

In Institute I have also learned about, and believe in, repentance.  Like all humans I have made lots of mistakes. Fortunately, each person who turns to God with genuine repentance and faith will be saved, and He will help take away the pain. The Book of Mormon is true. Faith is a hope in something that is not seen but is true.  My feelings and thoughts turn to the lyrics of a song I know (the chorus from the song Footsteps, by Seri Miller & Ari Miller):  

“Step into the dark 
And don’t be afraid.
Every star in the heavens
Is lighting your way.
If you feel like you’re lost
You’re not alone.
Just follow his footsteps
And He’ll lead you home.”