8 Year-Old Girl Takes First Steps Towards Becoming a Teacher

by Des Waddington

Girl with her family tree

Kayla H., an eight-year-old girl who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, has the ambition of becoming a teacher when she is older. Kayla took the opportunity to develop some of the skills that she will need by organising a special family home evening with the theme “Love at Home.”

This family home evening was special for her family, as Kayla organised and delivered the entire event, including assigning prayers and a spiritual thought. The planning was done over a period of about two weeks. Kayla said, “I really enjoyed doing this. I went to see my grandma, and she told me lots of interesting stories about family members, and I made a lot of notes to share with my family. Some of my ancestors were steam train drivers, and others were farmers. The thing that I liked the best of all was finding out about my dad when he was younger.” The evening included the singing of a special song called “Families Can Be Together Forever,” and Kayla taught a brief lesson about the importance of keeping family records. She also showed her family how to enter names into a family tree that she had set up on FamilySearch.org.

For Kayla’s younger siblings, one of the highlights of the evening was playing Deal or No Deal. In the game that they played they “won” $121,149. Kayla used her baking skills to prepare a snack for the family. She made chocolate brownies, which all the family loved. She used a recipe given by her mother, which was in keeping with the theme of the evening. Kayla’s family is convinced that she is already developing many of the skills that she will need to become an excellent teacher.