Caring for one another

by Deb Barry

People performing service

The youth of Caerphilly Ward, Cardiff Stake, prepared for the Christmas season of 2020 in a most fitting way. In conjunction with Care4Humanity and LDS Charities, they worked on the SNUG Pack initiative (socks, neck-warmers, underwear, and gloves). In just a couple of hours, 1,012 packs were assembled and tagged, ready for their journey to refugees in Calais.

Sister Deb Barry, who was instrumental in organising the efforts, said, “One of the things that really stood out to me when I spoke to the youth about why they wanted to come and participate in this activity, many of them responded that ‘they couldn’t imagine seeing people being cold this winter and this would help people stay warm and cared for’. What was great about this was they knew this was for refugees in Northern France but when they spoke about who was receiving these items, they referred to them as people. This to me was probably one of the most beautiful moments and a reminder of what we should all be learning from our youth. I spoke to them individually and they all saw this service as helping the individual person. It’s a great reminder how the Lord has asked us to look for the one and care for one another. Our passport, identity, wealth, age, gender, and so on, aren’t what is important. Keeping people warm this winter, and allowing them the dignity they deserve as well, is so important. I loved that the youth have just felt that, and they then teach this to the younger youth coming up.”