Called to serve a remote senior-service mission

by Olivia Marshall

Sister Beryl and Elder Paul Oliver

Receiving a letter to serve in the Adriatic North Mission required faith and trust in the Lord for Sister Beryl and Elder Paul Oliver. Being set apart in October 2021 to serve as ‘Assistant Area Auditors’ brought feelings to them of apprehension, excitement, and happiness. 

Elder Oliver recalled his thoughts on the Lord making use of his 45 years of experience in auditing for the Church. He explained that they are responsible for “monitoring and supervising all of the audits for the Church finances in the branches and districts within the Adriatic North Coordinating Council”. 

Besides training district and branch leaders, due to the small numbers of members in these areas they also train missionaries who fulfil these callings; quite challenging with missionaries transferring every 12 weeks.

Sister Oliver says that “it’s about doing what we can to help the Church grow out there”. A sentiment close to her heart as, starting from grassroots, she, her parents, and brother, were the first members of the couple’s ward of St Helens in the Liverpool England Stake. 

Based in their home, the couple use the blessings of modern-day technology with emails, phone calls, and ‘Zoom’, to serve their mission, and with trips to the Adriatic North Mission when needed. 

Thinking about the challenges they face, such as communication delays, small numbers of people and Sister Oliver’s fear of flying, the couple reflect on past experiences and testify that “the Lord will be with us as He has been many times over the years, so we have just got to be faithful and trust Him”. 

To serve a senior service mission you can find out more information from your stake president, or at: