Michael John Adamson - Church Builder

    Michael John Adamson
    Michael John Adamson

    I was born on October 21, 1944 in York. For seven years I attended Derwent Primary School. At the age of eleven I started Burnholm Secondary Modern School. From there I started work for British Railway as an engine cleaner, at the age of fifteen. I was promoted through Passed Cleaner to Locomotive Fireman — promotion was even greater when I was called on my mission.

    I joined the Church when I was nine years old with my Mother and Brother. I have only one brother who is older than myself. My father left my mother when I was four years old so we have had a struggle to keep out of “low water.” My brother left the Church three or four years ago. I was called to York, my home branch site to be a Church Building Missionary and was set apart by President Tanner.

    I’m now part of Elder Hiatt’s crew and I’m sure that I’m with the best Supervisor and best crew. It’s a pleasure to work with these fine people. My mission started on the 7th of April, 1962, and I was called on the 20th of February. My mission was delayed slightly because I asked British Railways for two years leave which after approximately two weeks was approved, so I’m able to return after my mission to my job as a fireman.

    I’m so pleased to be able to go on my mission and serve the Lord more fully. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my Branch President, the Primary teachers, MIA and Sunday School teachers for preparing me to go on my mission.

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